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0001757OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2024-03-22 21:37
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Summary0001757: Feature Request : Random Note

This would be added to the mptm format.

This request is for a randomizer for the instrument tab.

I imagine a dropdown with notes in a single octave (all 12) from which you select multiple notes and a slider for the octave range. The idea is that when a note is input into the pattern, it will treat the note as a base of a scale relative to the C of the octave. So say I choose c, e, g, and a# in the dropdown, then input a f on the pattern, it would randomly choose from f, a, c and d# every time that pattern is played. I dont think a large slider would be needed, 1-3 octaves should be plenty for the fun and chaos something like this would enable - with each octave choice using the note input into the pattern as a centre. So with that previous example - let's say I input c5 into the pattern : in the one octave scale it would possibly use the Gs as the limit so the choices would be G4 A#4 C5 E5 G5, in the two octave scale it would go from the Cs so - C4 E4 G4 A#4 C5 E5 G5 A#5 C6, and then the 3 scale would be from G3 to G6.
(I think a check would probably need to be made to make sure that note isnt being played from the same sample or opl at that time so we dont get notes doubling up)

I am not sure where we would put this option in the instrument tab, and I completely understand if it is considered unviable for the reason of lack of space, but I really hope there is some kind of way we could make it happen. I love some unpredictability in a tune, and I think this could make for some really fun, subtle and wild results.
Maybe this will be something to consider for the future when some space can be found if we stop using the basic windows things like sliders for example... I could certainly design us some smaller ones, or maybe we can find a way to implement it into the "instrument editor" graphical place... or maybe even it could be implemented under that place, and only revealed if you resize the instrument editor - as an extra option... idk... The instrument tab is pretty packed I admit as it is.

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2024-03-21 21:18

administrator   ~0005877

This is two feature requests in one, and if that isnt welcome, please tell me and I will split them

Please do. Even if you think they are conceptually related, that still doesn't mean that if someone were to implement one of them, they would automatically implement the other one, meaning that after implementing one, the state of this issue would be in limbo (there is no such thing as "50% resolved"). Topically similar issues can still be linked through relationships.

The second request is similar to from the old feature request board, so it would be good to have a corresponding issue for that here.



2024-03-22 19:30

reporter   ~0005879

Last edited: 2024-03-22 19:46

Ok great... I will split them, thanks for the heads up. - just gonna take a bit of time thinking about how to untangle them.

EDIT : ok I have 2 now... will post the second one in a few minutes.



2024-03-22 21:00

reporter   ~0005880

Last edited: 2024-03-22 21:37

and since I am the kinda person who puts his money where his mouth is... I have made a mockup of a slider replacement that could severely reduce space use all over OMPT.

the first two are simply a replacement of the offending slider grip taking up too much space and being garish, and the third is me reducing unneeded leading and padding to make space for maybe another slider or two. (yes I did one for each of the ideas I had here)
and the final two pictures are the sliders I made for this, just in case that is something you would like to do even without this suggestion or the other one - I have made them 3 colour, so they can be easily fit to any and all desktop themes.

EDIT : I didnt do the note's dropdown mockup, I will do that now.

EDIT2 : Now that I have done all these mockup things, I have had the second thought that it might be possible to simply reduce the height and widths of the grip too since that is present in ompt already (the ones in the main tab are far wider than the ones in the instrument tab are tall, but I think a replacement with the grips I have given will give ompt a uniformity that will give the application a more professional look and I dont think it will be beyond the engine's capability - as it is - to use my grips as replacements. The use of them - or something like them - would open up more possibilities for space saving everywhere, such as inside plugins which dont have their own interfaces.

EDIT3 : Upon further examination, I now see that my grips are actually bigger than the grips in the instrument tab width wise... but I stand by their inclusion in my mockup, but I guess now I realise I made them for the uniformity more than space saving... and I apologise, all of this stuff about them is entirely extra - even though I like the uniformity they add, going on about them was inappropriate and should probably go to their own feature request. As I said they are entirely optional... and as much as I believe in them as a uniformity and space saving proposition, I will put them in their own feature request. Please forgive me. (my thoughts arent ever really easy to separate out into unrelated topics) I will separate it into its own feature request later though, I am a bit tired of this right now (this will take a revision of this and my other feature request and my brain is starting to make noises)

image.png (223,498 bytes)   
image.png (223,498 bytes)   
image-2.png (244,845 bytes)   
image-2.png (244,845 bytes)   
image-3.png (247,749 bytes)   
image-3.png (247,749 bytes)   
image-4.png (192 bytes)   
image-4.png (192 bytes)   
image-5.png (194 bytes)   
image-5.png (194 bytes)   


2024-03-22 21:11

reporter   ~0005881

here it is with the dropdown :

image-6.png (248,143 bytes)   
image-6.png (248,143 bytes)   

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