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0001251OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2020-04-12 10:24
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Summary0001251: Missing Fasttracker 2 commands for MPTM

I and nihilism talked about how amazing the xm-format is with it's note-off functions, that would be amazing if the .mptm format one day also would be capable to:

  • A delayed note-off command for the effect column. It is possible in IT but to much less grade than it is in FT2. I.e. you can only do a delayed note-cut on a row with a note in IT, while in FT2 it is also, thanks to Kxx, possible to do a delayed note-off on a row with a note
    * An configuration-setting that makes note-fade work like in FT2, iow immediate trigger on note-off (not waiting for the volume-env. to finish or loop)
    Not so long ago I noticed that this is already possible to achieve. When you put a normal loop on the last envelope-node, note-fade will be applied before the envelope finishes (since it never will due to the loop). Though I first thought it wouldn't apply to the pre-loop section, but it actually does (thanks to examining one of madbrains latest s3xmoditminia modules :D)

Aside from that I got one more suggestion by remind from Saga Musix:

  • Envelope-position Offset Effect-command
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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2019-08-13 20:31

administrator   ~0004009

As mentioned, adding ~~~ (note fade) in addition to === (key off) allows you to fade a note before reaching the envelope end. Given that fades tend to be slow, starting the fade a row earlier or later usually doesn't make an audible difference, so I suggest using ~~~ for the time being.



2019-08-14 17:33

reporter   ~0004010

Yeah didn't have that in mind for the moment when I wrote the issue. I know=== .. .. ... followed by ~~~ .. .. ... or vice versa works, only a little unelegant in my opinion but I can live with it :). I don't know if === .. .. S72 works, that would in some cases be better to use if it does.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2019-08-14 17:47

administrator   ~0004011

S72 will only affect past notes, i.e. not the active note, even if that note has already received a key-off event.



2020-04-12 10:23

reporter   ~0004276

The "fade despite unfinished envelope FT2 style note-off" was solved way before I first thought of this subject at all and thinking it wasn't possible. Now I've discovered. See the description for notes :)

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