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0001240OpenMPT[All Projects] libopenmptpublic2019-09-05 13:39
Reportermanx Assigned Tomanx  
Status assignedResolutionopen 
Product VersionOpenMPT 1.29.00.* (current testing) 
Target VersionOpenMPT 1.29 / libopenmpt 0.5 (goals)Fixed in Version 
Summary0001240: Modernize C++ API

We should support more modern language features in the C++ API as appropriate:


  • enum class for profile_file_header flags and result
  • enum class for module::render_param
  • enum class for module::command_index
  • inline namespace for API/ABI versioning (requires mirroring of the complete API though, might be worthwhile for 1.0 though)
  • constexpr library API version information (in addition to preprocessor)



  • std::byte buffer for module::module()


  • std::span buffer for module::module()
  • std::span for module::read buffers
  • std::u8string for all strings
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related to 0001256 resolvedmanx require C++17 
related to 0001241 assignedmanx std::string_view for ctl key, and non-string overloads for ctl_get and ctl_set 




2019-09-05 13:39

administrator   ~0004040

If we want to support C++17 features in the libopenmpt API which I think we should for the next version), we either need to require C++17 also for building libopenmpt, or need to support multiple ABI-incompatible variants of the same libopenmpt version (which would be a nightmare).

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