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0001227OpenMPT[All Projects] File Format Supportpublic2019-06-08 13:11
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Summary0001227: Add support for xxxC magic in MOD format for support to 100-999 MOD channels

I have came up a new idea for a new magic tag for the MOD format which is "xxxC" (xxx = 3 digits of MOD channels) This new magic format is exclusive to a future version of OpenMPT and is not supported on any other trackers.
It also fixes the program's max channel limit of XM and IT to 128 (rather than the current 127) since Impulse Tracker can still recognize 128 channel IT files.

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See the attachments in which the upgraded code files belong to the source code in OpenMPT/soundlib (and the example MOD file I made by me to test the 120 channels "120C" MOD format).

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2019-05-26 21:36

reporter (47,195 bytes) (25,493 bytes)
Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2019-05-27 06:32

administrator   ~0003950

Seriously, what's the point? OpenMPT does not need to invent yet another incompatible tracker format that noon else will support, and there is little reason to use more than 99 channels in MOD other than "look, I can use 120 channels in this format!"



2019-05-27 06:38

reporter   ~0003951

Oops, there was an error on the Load_mod.cpp file. I reuploaded the modded source code file. (25,506 bytes)


2019-05-27 06:41

reporter   ~0003952

Oops again, another error on the Load_mod.cpp file. I reuploaded the modded source code file once again. (25,508 bytes)


2019-05-27 16:46

reporter   ~0003954

But this is a new magic format exclusively to OpenMPT! There are no xxxC mod files and no other MOD trackers that can make xxxC so that's why I am supporting that. You can make your own MOD file with 100-999 MOD channels with this implemented.

Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2019-05-27 17:50

administrator   ~0003955

And who is going to play those files? If you don't care about no other application supporting your format, you can just as well use OpenMPT's MPTM format, which already supports more than 99 channels. I'd say the MOD format is already so limited that if you were going to really require so many channels, you would already hit completely different issues (such as only 31 sample slots to use with those 999 channels, limited octave range, limited amount of effects, etc.). I simply don't see why OpenMPT should push yet another incompatible format in this case and getting bad rep for hijacking yet another module format with its own extensions. Hence: Without any clear and convincing use case that would make great things possible that were not possible before, there is no chance that I will add support for this extension.



2019-05-30 23:52

reporter   ~0003958

But it also adds some formats like TDZ1 made from TakeTracker that is missing from OpenMPT.



2019-06-07 14:46

reporter   ~0003960

I contributed to the project HxCModPlayer to support up to 999 MOD channels. See here:



2019-06-08 13:11

administrator   ~0003962

Pretty please stop inventing new variants of old, by design non-extensible, and in particular discontinued (i.e. not actively developed any more) file formats.
You are quite frankly just causing trouble for everyone. I honestly would rather see 999 channel MOD support to be removed from HxCModPlayer again, because it did not even exist before, and thus has no purpose being in any player whatsoever at all.

Even further extending MOD file magic channel number parsing also increases the likelyhood of files getting wrongly detected as MOD files, which is already rather high because of the very short and diverse file magic pattern at an unusual location in MOD files.

regarding TakeTracker (and other tracker for which you added <4 and/or >8 channel support): Do you have any real world files that you can provide for testing? Did you verify that these trackers actually support writing files with these particular channels counts? IFF so, could you provide a clean patch without any non-related changes which adds the missing file magics?

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