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0001103OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2018-03-13 12:06
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Summary0001103: Notes field in pattern area

I'd love to have a notes field in the pattern area that is saved with the song (mptm format).

The idea is basically, that when I'm working on the song and I spot issues, but I don't have time to address them at that time, I'd like to note them down. Additionally, I could note down ideas and stuff.

I know there's the comments window too, but I'd like to keep that window open at all times.

These notes would not change depending on what pattern is shown because that could still make me miss the comments and forget what I wrote.

Also, there may be VST plugins with a notepad, but if I load my song and forget to open that editor window, I miss the note. I just prefer to instantly see the text in the pattern area where I work on the song to be constantly reminded that I wrote tha there at some time in the past.

For its location, I would be fine if its to the right of the controls, or below the orderlist, where it is hidden by default unless the notes section contain notes, in which case the vertical divider is lowered enough to show at least 5 rows of the notes, or... just save the vertical divider placement with the song and have it just below the orderlist by default.

For this last approach it may be benefitial to add a button to the top right that says Add note, which will simply lower the vertical slider somewhat down.

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2018-03-13 12:05

administrator   ~0003483

I have implemented something very similar for my thesis project which would also work in a single-user scenario. I'll see how I can backport it.



2018-03-13 12:06

manager   ~0003484

Oh, that would be fantastic! :)

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