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0001021OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2017-09-02 20:10
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Summary0001021: Add more functionality to VST/Effect editor window

I've been wanting more functionality for the VST/Effect editor window for effect routing or assignment. Could be added in the Info > Outputs or a new one.

The scheme of the feature is add new menu options as follows:

VST/Effect editor window

      [its current assigned output]
      Output to new plugin... (opens a new window to select an effect/instrument, adds them to the next available slot) 
      To slot > (defined plugins [like the effect list where you assign a plugin to a channel)
      To custom slot > (lists all available slots, like the effect list where you assign a plugin to an instrument [and maintaining its behavior of select new plugin if it's empty])

This way I think it will improve VST/Effect and work flow while is the future plan for modular view.

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