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0000100OpenMPTUser Interfacepublic2011-08-31 18:08
Reporterharbinger Assigned ToSaga Musix  
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Summary0000100: Requested term changes

In the spirit of clarity and simplification, i offer these changes in the terminology from within the application. Some of these terms are common and already exist in other applications (not necessarily trackers), such as Insert and Fill, and other terms prevent confusion for new users as to the function of a shortcut, such as Selection Quantize. Even clearer or simpler terms are always welcome.

[PE contextual menu:]
Mix-Paste = Mix
Mix-Paste (IT style) = Mix-IT
Push Forward Paste = Insert
Paste Flood = Fill
Select Column = Select Channel
Select Pattern = Select All

[Keyboard Shortcuts:]
Ignore Index = Order Separator
Invalid Index = Null Index or Pattern
Copy and lose selection = Cut selection

[Sample page]
Sample grid = Selection Quantize

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Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2011-05-10 14:33

administrator   ~0000192

Some terms have been changed in revision 870.

However, I cannot agree with those change requests:

  • Mix-Paste (IT style) = Mix-IT
  • Invalid Index = Null Index or Pattern ("Null" is too ambiguous, I'd rather prefer something like "End Index" or "Stop Index")
  • Copy and lose selection = Cut selection (Since the actual pattern data is not cut, this might create too much confusion)


2011-05-12 21:10

reporter   ~0000194

Thanks, Jojo.

I'll hafta to check "copy and lose"; for some reason i got the idea that calling this function copied the data into the clipboard then erased it from the pattern -- y'know...."cut." If it doesn't, then i might need to change the description in the OHM...

Thanks for incorporating the others and i'll get the new terms into the OHM for the release. Lemme know what alternate term you would like to use instead of Invalid Index. I kinda don't like End or Stop Index, because you can have a whole string of them, whereas you would think there would only be one "end" index. A non-playing, but repeatable, pattern is definitely not "invalid" (because it has a real function, if only as a bumper), but any end index can appear in the first position. That's why i went with "null" -- because it is ambiguous, and short, and the definition can be applied to a non-playing index that can appear anywhere in the Order List, whose only role is to prevent playback from continuing or as a filler between WIP patterns.
But i'm open to any functional term we can come up with....



2011-08-02 02:08

reporter   ~0000299


Saga Musix

Saga Musix

2011-08-08 14:28

administrator   ~0000322

"Invalid Index" has been renamed to "Stop Index". The other two terms will not be changed.

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