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0000967OpenMPTUser Interfacepublic2017-06-07 00:46
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Product VersionOpenMPT 1.27.00.* (old testing) 
Summary0000967: Linking Treeview Samples to Sample in Sampleview

There is instrument 1
it uses some different samples on different notes, like a drummap kind of
so sample 1 and 2 and 3 are now trigered with instrument 1
sample 4 is trigered by instrument 2
now i switch from sample to sample and draw some samples
at the end i have some random sample seleted maybe it is sample 4
now i would like to have this sample some how preseleted in the treeview

this would be very useful when you have multiple drummap instruments where each note has a own sample
in that way you can trigger 120 samples with 1 instrument
the second instrument will triger sample 121, at the very end of the treeview
this results in a lot of scrolling and searching in the treeview
and imagine if you have more than one sample mapped instrument

the solution would be to select the desired instrument...
mostly this is linked with the sampleview that is triggered by the instrument
the exact same link to the treeview would be very useful
so if you have mapped sample instrument 1 with 120 samples and selet instrument 2 it will select sample 121 in the sample view as it does and additional in the treeview as i would like it (maybe others too)

I also see no interference with other doings in the workflow

i also think it would be usefull when the sequence list would be linked to the treeview
in that way a user can select a pattern in the sequence and it will be selected in the treeview
or she/he opens a sample and it will be selectet in the treeview or she/he opens an instrument and it would be linked to the treeview or you just scroll in the treeview and it will bring up what you select, so it would work in both ways.

maybe some others think this is not a good idea.... but actualy i do not see any argument against it and if i listen to my nerves i hear many argunents for it.

I hope this can get added, at least optional some how.

Same applies to the samplemap in the instrument view
if i select a mapped sample in the note list...
... i think the sample should get selected and displayed in the treeview, some how ;s

Additional when a sample is open in the sample view
the sample could be preselected in the samplemap list of an instrument
If it is a pitched instrument it could preselect the center key
but if the sample is mapped it could preselect the first occourance in the maplist of the first instrument that uses opened sample in the sampleview.
So you can open a sample in sample view and switch to instrument view and then the mapped sample is preseleted in the middle of the mappview and also in the treeview.

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Thank you very much!

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