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0000069OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2011-02-14 21:13
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Summary0000069: Last Note Field

This is the official Feature Request for a field that indicates the last note event given for each channel. This field simply keeps a record of the most recent event declared before the first visible row in the Pattern Editor, and ideally would be located within each channel's header. During playback the field constantly changes to reflect the last event that was executed in the Active Row. This feature will help the user keep up with each channel's current status, and help with the composition process (esp. during live recording) by reminding the user of the last notes given for the channel, even if the note occurred in a previous pattern.
Attached is a mockup of the general idea, but of course the current code will dictate the easiest way to assemble and display this info. In this example, the Last Note field is the fourth line in each channel header.
Like the display toggles for Channel Plugin Assignment and sample audio VU, this feature should include an icon in the icon bar in the Pattern Editor, or at the very least a general preference that can be optioned off.
An additional feature of this request would be a Tooltip hint (when the mouse hovers over this field) that would show the pattern and row where this last event was executed.

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