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0000441OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2013-10-18 09:54
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Platformx64OSWindowsOS Version7
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Summary0000441: Optional button for always auto-save

Currently, autosave will save if OpenMPT has detected any changes. The titlebar is marked with a *. This is great, but unfortunately, OpenMPT does not seem to register when I move/add a bar in Electri-Q which is a plugin inside Chainer.

I wish
I wish for a checkbox in the autosave that would always save after x minutes, rather than just look if changes have occured. Optionally make it linked to if any VST(i) window is open.

Steps To Reproduce

Have a plugin open in Chainer and keep tweaking its settings. OpenMPT won't trigger the song as edited.

Additional Information

The latest release of Electri-Q has removed the check for hardware ID, which means that I can finally register it again under my name with my serial, but unfortunately OpenMPT has crashed a few times on me as I moved a point in the EQ. I doubt OpenMPT is the fault of the crash here, and its more likely Electri-Q is the fault here, but since Electri-Q is no longer being developed, I have to live wit hit. It only crashes occasionally, and the next time I can do the thing just fine.

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