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0000259OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2012-05-24 23:33
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Summary0000259: Remember export locations seperately for each export type

I would like to see in ModPlug where it remembers separate export locations based on file type. all wav files would have a different saved export location than what exporting as mp3 would

Additional Information

sometimes I will export as wav if I am using the file in an external editor afterwards (such as Sony Acid or Audacity) if I am just going to keep the song as is, I would export directly to mp3... I export all wavs into a different folder than I do all mp3 exports... I want ModPlug to remember my last wav export separately than my mp3 export.

if I export as wav and select 'desktop' and if the next song I export is mp3, I browse to 'my document' but if I want export to wav the next time... I am forced to browse back to 'desktop'...

I would like the wav export to remember 'desktop' and the mp3 export to remember 'my documents' unless I change it...

many other music programs have this feature, I'd like to see it in ModPlug too...

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