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0001755OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2024-03-13 09:38
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Summary0001755: feature request - add the option to view samples with panning in an overlap view

This is a not important, but I think a welcome feature request to add a way to view samples with panning in a second way, in an overlap view. The way I picture it is that we can choose the waveform colour, the waveform colour for left channel, the waveform colour for the right channel and the waveform colour for where they overlap, all in the setup/display menu and then we get a button there above the sample which will toggle this feature on and off. I will show an example of how I am picturing it soon... just working on a track now and thought I would suggest this feature since I would actually leave this toggle on personally because it would make sample trimming a bit easier for me I think. I thought of the feature when I resized the sample preview to cover all the buttons because I wanted some more resolution and thought "surely we could..."

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2024-03-13 09:38

reporter   ~0005872

please note these are only approximations of how I imagine it looking, but this is kinda the thing I am picturing except more pixel precise like modplug does it

pan overlap1.png (377,587 bytes)
pan overlap2.png (373,815 bytes)

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