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Summary0001636: feature request - visualizations ideas

I used to use Impulse tracker before MPT and eventually OMPT, and one of the big reasons I did most of my tracking in impulse tracker before moving to mpt was the visualizations.

This link is just a guy on youtube who records impulse tracker tunes, on impulse tracker and makes a youtube channel out of it and I only include it to jog some of the memories of us old boys and maybe intrigue the new programmers with the kinda things we were using before OMPT, but more vitally to show the examples of the kinda visualization Ideas I think could do a hell of a lot of good for OMPT.

Specifically the dots one, and in my book it wouldnt even need to be a new tab, it could simply be something you open with the normal drop down menus, showing like impulse tracker different colour dots at different sizes etc, and resize to taste (that will provide personalization of the layout relative to the other ompt tools, and specifically the patterns)...
The idea is that it is a very simple visualization showing different instruments as different colours, just like impulse tracker did it, except I am sure you guys could be more frugal with the space use since impulse tracker was dos software. Another thought for this is it could go hand in hand with the proposed wave form visualization that people have spoken about before as a suggestion here on the issue tracker.

Either way it is a suggestion, and I think it would be very nice despite its relative simplicity compared to rendering high fidelity real time waveforms. It wouldnt even need any kind of special information from vstis for example, so in my mind I think it could be much simpler than real time wave forms for each channel.
:) like something flashy and new for the next update (hopefully it would be simple enough for that kinda no thought implementation) that would appease at least this visual person for a very long time ;)

As always I defer to you, and hope that this suggestion finds you all well.

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2022-11-04 12:20

reporter   ~0005365

I dont think I made this clear, for a while I was using both impulse tracker and modplug tracker... and the reason was there wasnt a visualization like impulses visualization.



2022-11-04 12:28

reporter   ~0005366

I used to work on my tunes in IT first, using the visualization to guide me, and then I would move to MPT.

Think if it like this: I was 14/15 at the time, and the colours on a black background always looked like stars to me, like the universe dancing to the music I was making.
I hope the beauty of that picture communicates the love I have for this way of visualising the music we make.



2022-11-04 12:31

reporter   ~0005367

I used to use a little bit of software to make fonts... I could see if I can find it again and make a font for you guys with different sized circles if it would help make something like this happen.

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