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0001600OpenMPTFeature Requestpublic2022-06-14 19:21
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Summary0001600: Instrument Tab - Show column with corresponding sample name on the Samplemap

my usual workflow didn't include using the instrument tab but I recently thoght about taking a closer look into it and see how I can use it to my benefit.
What I realized is that mapping the samples across the keys would be much easier (at least for me) when the samplemap on the right would have another coloum displaying the samplename.
What do others think about it?

Could look like this:

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2022-06-05 11:18


instrumenttab idea.png (30,773 bytes)   
instrumenttab idea.png (30,773 bytes)   


2022-06-14 16:56

reporter   ~0005206

I really like that feature! There's a lot of free GUI-space over there in that part of the program so I can't see any problem with implementing that.
That's also a similar feature seen in Renoise's sample/instrument editor as well as most hardware/software romplers/samplers with some kind of graphical interface I've seen.



2022-06-14 19:21

reporter   ~0005207

I agree with asikwuspulse: This could be a nice feature for OpenMPT :)

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