• 0001741: [General] F00(XM) command (Set speed: 0 ticks/row) causes problem to "Export as MIDI..." (Saga Musix)
  • 0001745: [Playback Compatibility] Possible glitch in spx-visionsofthepast.it (Saga Musix)
  • 0001730: [libopenmpt] setting all load_skip flags results in no metadata at all (Saga Musix)
  • 0001740: [libopenmpt] set_position_seconds not seeking correctly with allsongs mode (Saga Musix)
  • 0001739: [Accessibility] OpenMPT crashes whenever I open certain shortcuts of modules within the program itself (Saga Musix)
  • 0001738: [General] Volume commands can be inserted in MOD using ctrl + scroll wheel. (Saga Musix)
  • 0001737: [libopenmpt] make CONFIG=emscripten EMSCRIPTEN_TARGET=wasm check produces no output (manx)
  • 0001712: [Feature Request] Display on narrow terminal (manx)
  • 0001724: [General] Previewing transposed note causes hanging plugin notes (Saga Musix)
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