0001079: [libopenmpt] Allow blocking of specific file formats
0001017: [libopenmpt] Tick boundary rendering (was: Provide access to next play position)
0001408: [User Interface] Migrate MessageBoxes to Vista TaskDialog
0001187: [File Format Support] OPL3 improvements for MPTM
0001515: [General] Allow easier subsong support in MIDI and stream export
0001115: [Audio I/O] Support Windows 10 UWP MIDI API
0001447: [File Format Support] Better playback of imported formats
0001406: [libopenmpt] Provide format name in addition to list of supported extensions
0001653: [General] devise a way to provide automatic update for RETRO builds (manx)
0001270: [Plugins / VST] Provide a workaround for bridged plugin GUIs in Wine
0001288: [Audio I/O] crash handler does not work in WASAPI callback (manx)
0001559: [General] Don't use WinAPI functions for INI reading/writing (manx)
0001350: [Audio I/O] Implement native WASAPI backend (manx)
0001333: [Audio I/O] WASAPI Default Device should follow Windows default device changes (was: does not work correctly with USB headphones) (manx)
0001240: [libopenmpt] Modernize C++ API (manx)
0001287: [libopenmpt] make libopenmpt samplerate non-variable (manx)
0001349: [Audio I/O] Audio dropouts using 4klang 3.2.2 and WASAPI PortAudio (manx)
0001269: [Player input plugins (xmp-openmpt, in_openmpt)] remove in_winamp (manx)
0001569: [libopenmpt] Feature Request: missing per-channel APIs
0001242: [General] Eliminate unnecessary copies in charset conversion functions (std::string_view / no-ops) (manx)
0000627: [User Interface] Make OpenMPT completely DPI-aware (Saga Musix)
0000569: [General] Unicode strings in CSoundFile. (manx)
0000844: [Playback Compatibility] Various compatibility testcases (Saga Musix)
0001507: [Playback Compatibility] Automatic module playback regression suite (Saga Musix)
0001417: [libopenmpt] use OpenMPT sound devices in openmpt123 (manx)
0001413: [General] run clang-format on examples/, libopenmpt/, openmpt123/ (manx)
0001419: [File Format Support] openmpt123: use OpenMPT StreamExport (manx)
0001656: [General] failing to update development channel to build 18649 (manx)
0001566: [Feature Request] Sample & sound font list search (Saga Musix)
0001558: [Build System] Split build/auto into user-invocable and helper scripts (manx)
0001654: [General] Exporting 32-bit FLAC streams
0001651: [General] require Win10 21H2 for non-legacy builds (manx)
0001555: [General] bump minimum requirements to Windows 10 1903 (Build 18362) for Windows 10 builds (manx)
0001618: [General] [Wine/Linux] Issues related to edit history after r17651 (manx)
0001207: [General] restructure documentation directories (manx)
0001615: [General] Do not restore deleted keyboard actions (Saga Musix)
0001613: [Playback Compatibility] S3M: OPL2 samples shouldn't be affected by Gxx
0001572: [General] use more std::chrono and less ctime (manx)
0001607: [General] mpt/io_file split (manx)
0001561: [libopenmpt] Allow getting and setting fractional tempo values (manx)
0001556: [General] remove BuildVariants.* (manx)
0001538: [General] enable C++20 (manx)
0000605: [Plugins / VST] Finish plugin auto-suspend implementation (Saga Musix)
0001532: [General] Remove legacy update code (manx)
0001552: [Audio I/O] "No Interpolation" will make a 32 sample 50% square sound not like a 50% square (Saga Musix)
0001533: [General] Use MPT_COMPILER_SHIFT_SIGNED for C++20 (manx)
0001477: [libopenmpt] libopenmpt unused code calls into libvorbis (manx)
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