0001216: [Audio I/O] .mod file keeps corrupting my .wav samples (Saga Musix)
0001211: [User Interface] RtAudio option in OpenMPT Setup Wine dialog uses value for PortAudio option (manx)
0001210: [Audio I/O] OpenMPT Wine integration build script fails to compile (manx)
0001199: [Playback Compatibility] A glitch in slow-funk.mod by Drax (Saga Musix)
0001204: [Playback Compatibility] Small tweak to MTM loader to ignore some unsupported commands (Saga Musix)
0001203: [libopenmpt] doc/ directory missing from libopenmpt source packages (manx)
0001200: [Feature Request] 1/96th MIDI File Import Notes Quantize (Saga Musix)
0001201: [Playback Compatibility] Possible playback bug with specific module (Saga Musix)
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