0001113: [General] Avoid delay-loading of libraries that we ship (manx)
0001265: [General] Failed assertion in debug builds: SettingsContainer::ReadSetting() called by update checker thread, not main (manx)
0001237: [General] dead link on https://openmpt.org/legacy_software (manx)
0001105: [General] clang-format support (manx)
0001120: [General] Rethink PluginBridge naming (manx)
0001217: [Audio I/O] PortAudio: Upstream WASAPI samplerate conversion patch (manx)
0001212: [General] No landing page on https://builds.openmpt.org/builds/ (manx)
0001185: [General] Restructure MSVC bin directory layout (manx)
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