Maintenance release.
0000033: [Feature Request] wave/mp3 export: Choose the sequences you want to export (Saga Musix)
0001045: [libopenmpt] libopenmpt.pc does not list the C++ standard library in Libs.private (manx)
0001053: [Playback Compatibility] Interesting bug with ProTracker compatibility and the pattern delay effect: ProTracker continues to process tick-0 effects.
0001051: [libopenmpt] libopenmpt C interface android compile error (manx)
0001040: [libopenmpt] Tons of implicit fallthrough warnings when compiling with GCC 7 (manx)
0001039: [libopenmpt] Fix a few spelling mistakes reported by lintian (manx)
0001038: [libopenmpt] soundlib/Load_dtm.cpp:326:62: warning: '*' in boolean context (manx)
0001037: [User Interface] Dialogs do not allow keyboard input when invoked via a keyboard shortcut (manx)
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