A big milestone with many new features and improvements.
0000836: [General] Remove support for C++98 and C++03 compilers (manx)
       0000846: [libopenmpt] Enable C++11 support on Android (manx)
0000840: [Feature Request] Remove underline code comments (manx)
0000852: [General] Use proper parallel maintanance and development branches (manx)
0000347: [Feature Request] Note reminder when transposing via keypress (Saga Musix)
0001030: [Plugins / VST] VSTi Synth1 64bit crashes / not working (manx)
0001019: [General] Documentation updates for 1.27 release (Saga Musix)
0000993: [Feature Request] Cleaner look of plugins slot list (Saga Musix)
0000570: [General] OpenMPT UNICODE build (manx)
       0000164: [General] Problems with unicode path / file names (manx)
       0000848: [General] Build external libraries with UNICODE (manx)
0000914: [libopenmpt] split module format probing into separate TestFOO() static member functions (manx)
0001025: [User Interface] Tempo command associated interface issue (Saga Musix)
0000954: [libopenmpt] Clarify libopenmpt 0.2 changelog regarding which revisions/patches are security fixes (manx)
0000873: [User Interface] Strange behavior with automatic text wrapping in Song Message window (Wine 1.6.2) (manx)
0000864: [File Format Support] Direct access to "Swing Settings" dialog (Saga Musix)
0000938: [General] Resampling by insane amount on any methods rather than r8brain crashes OpenMPT (Saga Musix)
0000979: [General] BLEP malfunction during playback (Saga Musix)
0000640: [File Format Support] Add legacy Amiga filename detection (Saga Musix)
0000983: [Playback Compatibility] Finer distinction of SONG_ISAMIGA (Saga Musix)
0000982: [Feature Request] Not able to send ONLY notes through midi vst (unable to block sequence start data) (Saga Musix)
0000843: [Plugins / VST] Sporadic deadlocks in MIDI I/O (Saga Musix)
0000990: [File Format Support] Export/Import tuning does not work (manx)
0000985: [libopenmpt] libmodplug emulation crashes with qmmp (manx)
0000963: [Feature Request] Sample and Instrument Window Cursor Position in Hex (Saga Musix)
0000803: [General] Add BLEP synthesis resampler (Saga Musix)
0000941: [General] Noise at start of buffer when unpausing playback through sample/instrument editor (Saga Musix)
0000972: [User Interface] FontDot does not work against whitespace (Saga Musix)
0000667: [Feature Request] Follow song off when clicking inside pattern (Saga Musix)
0000968: [General] FLT8: All internal end-of-song markers (---) converted to 32767 during module load (Saga Musix)
0000965: [User Interface] Sample View should be able to remember its Create settings (Saga Musix)
0000964: [User Interface] Windows Keyboard Contextmenu Key missing in Tree View (Saga Musix)
0000945: [libopenmpt] add libopenmpt_ext C interface (manx)
0000048: [Feature Request] New Amplify Function (Saga Musix)
0000947: [Feature Request] Auto-Custom-Transpose shortcut (Saga Musix)
0000776: [General] Add libmpg123 to MSVC builds (manx)
0000775: [libopenmpt] Remove deprecated Un4seen UNMO3 support (manx)
0000755: [File Format Support] Soundtracker Pro II support (Saga Musix)
0000932: [User Interface] Provide "human-readable" mouseover for autovibrato settings (Saga Musix)
0000280: [Feature Request] when reducing the number of rows in pattern properties, ask if it should be removed from top or bottom (Saga Musix)
0000930: [libopenmpt] support Windows Store and Mobile builds of libopenmpt (manx)
0000913: [Playback Compatibility] IT Weird Loop Behavior (Saga Musix)
0000922: [libopenmpt] Autotools build system needs option to disable openmpt123 (manx)
0000850: [Playback Compatibility] Flag for ignoring default sample volume (Saga Musix)
0000920: [libopenmpt] Update FreeBASIC bindings to new error handling API (Saga Musix)
0000773: [libopenmpt] Better error reporting in C API (manx)
0000902: [Playback Compatibility] MOD Arpeggio Determination (Saga Musix)
0000904: [Plugins / VST] I want to see if Im running a 32 or 64 bits version of a plugin. (Saga Musix)
0000909: [User Interface] "Friendly names" for MIDI ports (Saga Musix)
0000894: [User Interface] Channel Manager Displays Improperly (Saga Musix)
0000890: [User Interface] Rename from Channel Manager (Saga Musix)
0000812: [Feature Request] Do Not or Optionally Create New Patterns (Saga Musix)
0000891: [General] Multi-pattern mix-paste does not update order list (Saga Musix)
0000148: [Feature Request] More Comments Tab functionality (Saga Musix)
0000860: [File Format Support] File associations are not created by the installer (Saga Musix)
0000126: [Feature Request] Undo for instrument settings (Saga Musix)
0000824: [libopenmpt] Add openmpt::module::get_selected_subsong() (manx)
0000818: [libopenmpt] Rename could_open_propability to could_open_probability (manx)
0000821: [libopenmpt] Document how libopenmpt can be used in multi-threaded environment (manx)
0000862: [Feature Request] Always enable DMO emulation (Saga Musix)
0000881: [libopenmpt] openmpt123 man page has a poor NAME section (manx)
0000879: [Playback Compatibility] [S3M] Volume command (vxx) overrides sample volume (Saga Musix)
0000877: [General] Proper start-of-loop resampling (Saga Musix)
0000868: [General] Sample format converters depend on undefined behaviour (manx)
0000778: [libopenmpt] Rework libopenmpt versioning to be closer to SemVer (manx)
0000838: [General] Include compiler name in premake temporary paths (manx)
0000124: [File Format Support] Different Result While Converting MIDI to IT (Saga Musix)
0000319: [General] midi file import wrong pattern size (different than in preferences) (Saga Musix)
0000839: [General] Move build/vs????-ext/ to build/vs????/ext/ (manx)
0000572: [libopenmpt] Avoid non-standard language extensions for structure packing (Saga Musix)
0000771: [General] Use synchronous exception handling model in OpenMPT (manx)
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