Mostly a bugfix release
0000740: [Feature Request] Up/downsample with no interpolation (Saga Musix)
0000825: [User Interface] Manually entered values in Find/Replace not working/strange behaving (Saga Musix)
0000820: [User Interface] Disable Menu Options (Saga Musix)
0000814: [File Format Support] Open ModPlugTracker has bugs on .669 modules (Saga Musix)
0000808: [Feature Request] Better export options and display (Saga Musix)
0000811: [User Interface] Doesn't Update on Paste (Saga Musix)
0000810: [User Interface] CInputDlg size calculation not working in VS2008 builds (manx)
0000793: [Playback Compatibility] MT2 support really needs some work (Saga Musix)
0000806: [User Interface] Incorrect Position (Saga Musix)
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