General bugfix release with a bunch of new features.

0001497: [Playback Compatibility] Zxx Macro support for seeking (Saga Musix)
0001548: [Plugins / VST] Can't load song after adding RetroPlug VST to it. (Saga Musix)
0001547: [General] Automatic Sample Trimmer destroys some samples with bidirectional loops (Saga Musix)
0001544: [User Interface] Sample sustain loop fields are greyed out for Digital Symphony modules. (Saga Musix)
0001545: [File Format Support] Digital Symphony conversion for low tempos is incorrect. (Saga Musix)
0001536: [User Interface] Status bar displays parameters of 1.30 finetune commands incorrectly (Saga Musix)
0001535: [User Interface] Command slider range breaks when changing to/from an expandable command (Saga Musix)
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